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Jungle book 2 will be shot in Bihar: Walt Disney Studio

22, May 2016 By newoldblog

Hollywood, Gaya: The recent released Jungle book, the story of a Jungli boy Mowgli from Pench National Park, Seoni district Madhya Pradesh, is having golden run on box office. Enthralled with its success, Jon Favreau announced part two of this enchanting jungle tale, but this time it will be based on a different Indian state Bihar, recently famed of Jungle Raj tag.

Jon said, “Recently heard about Bihar, about its increasing man and animal conflicts, road rages etc., how animals are getting short tempered and killing humans on minor issues like ‘not giving sides’ on busy city roads when these innocent animals are on hunt for their pray”. Jon adds further, “See this is a matter of co-existence between human and wild life it was an issue during jungle book part 1 times as well, times have changed but problems are still the same. I agree with NDTV* panel who believes such conflicts are certainly not ‘law and order’ problem but just a behavioral issue because humans were animals too not long ago. Humans need to respect the wildness the anger and the most natural reaction from jungle which is killing to survive.”

“The Part 2 will be for a slightly older mature audience. This movie is all about this state’s raw uncaptured urban wild life which are often compared to Jungle Raj. Expansion of Jungle Raj is a good sign in these global warming times in ever fast deforestation era. We are asking a PG-25 censor certificate, it will be a slightly dark drama planned for cinema in around early 2017”, he completes.

If sources are to be believed shooting will start soon, plot will be little different than previous hits as it’s based on Bihar. As per casting team, since Sher Khan is already a Khan, Mowgli will be Mowgli Yadav this time and to keep the social balance and communal fabric intact other casts and creeds of society are also being given justified representation, here is the glimpse of few shortlisted candidates prepared after consulting Bihar election gurus.

Kaa  Thakur

Baghīrā Prasad Yadav

Rakṣa Paswan

Baloo Shaker Pandey

Hathi Kumar

Cheel Ram Manji

Ko Kumar


Report: Beni Prasad Hill