Sunday, 18th February, 2018

Jobless hubbies bear wives' taunts

17, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The television viewers are well aware of the wife’s taunts to her jobless husband despite his complete interest in the kitchen work. This is what we regularly view at the serial Bhabhiji Ghar Per Hein. The husband remains disturbed all the time by this usual insult. There are undoubtedly husbands in our indigenous traditional society who behave like that serial character. He goes to the extent of cooking meals and coffee for his beautiful wife but there are husbands offering their humble services to the spouses in various ways.

They even massage the fatigued wife after her return from the office or school and run for the market at the other half’s mere command. More than this, one husband made the defunct air-conditioner in working order at the arrival of his wife from Saudi Arabia. But he completely forgot to inform of his mother’s death to his acquaintances. This is the love of Shah Jehan’s kind. It was really Eve’s bid to pluck the apple which caused Adam’s exodus from the Paradise.

Even today a jobless husband is insulted by her wife. Sneering at her husband, one wife told: What life did you pass. You lived in your father-in-law’s house. You used to put on clothes sent by your sister-in-law. The ration was conveyed by your auntie and the children were reared up at your wife’s income. You did not feel ashamed of it. In reply to this acerbic taunt, the husband retorted: Your brother should be ashamed of at the persisting condition. Despite his continuous presence in the same city, he did not help us in any way.

Visibly, when the husbands become a parasite on their wives they had to bear the sensitive taunts. Their employed wives sooner or later start behaving like politicians. Their thinking towards an ideal husband alters in accordance with the circumstances existing within the four walls of the house.