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Job & job are diverse in sense

10, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Aap Joab Bolti Hein, Humlog Jaab Bolte Hein”, indicated the host Amitabh Bachchan of the KBC programme. He must have pointed to the correct pronunciation of the word ‘job’ which is commonly used for employment. As he was directly targeting the front seat contestant of Haryana, the lady sitting on the hot seat goes red in the face. Not once but twice came this funny remark from renowned thespian conducting the show with his special knack. Although the host made the matter lighter by his intelligence yet there were no reactions on the part of the lady.

The job surely means profession; occupation or position while the distinct intonation hints at the Book of Job. It is this Bible book which is pronounced with the similar tone used by the Haryana woman during the quiz show. This particular pronunciation changes the meaning of similar spelling words. Job is more near to the pure Biblical expression in the Old Testament. There was an upright man with this name in the land of Uz. If she was pronouncing the word differently, it was her way of it. What she thought to speak at that moment was cleared over a bit. But that the word acquires its own value.

However, the job seeking participant appeared quite odd in uttering the word. She told of her preparations to secure the government service through competitive examinations. Yet she was missing the correct tone of voice. It was this weakness which manifested by her wrong answer to a question. Despite unsure of the accurate option she tried a pure shot in the dark. She had the option of leaving the game. A quick look of regret passed across her face. She was praised by the host for perfect answers but one wrong reply gave her back to a lower level of prize money.