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J&K and Central Govt to develop a separate township for Sunny Deol after Kashmiri Pandits

10, Apr 2015 By

The opposition’s protest against J&K govt move to create a separate township for Kashmiri Pundits could last only for 1 day when they came to know that government has also decided to develop a township for Sunny Deol.

On this, former CM Bomar Sabdullah tweeted, “I have seen Sunny Deol’s Gadar and his hand pump. I am a fan of him and will welcome him in that separate township.”

Sunny Deol in township
Sunny Deol signaling for the arrangement of the Hand Pump in his Township

As per our sources, first time in India, J&K legislative speaker got a chance to speak for half an hour. Speaker broke into tears and said, “Itni khushi mujhe aaj tak nai hui“. Instead of abusive language and foot wears, smile and claps were received from the opposition. On hearing this news, Pakistan’s PM Fawaj Kharif has decided a secret visit to India to strengthen the relationship with India and to request Harendra Nodi that Sunny Deol’s township should not be near LOC.

Chinese government requested Indian government not to develop a seperate township for Dharmendra near Siachen as they agreed to take their militry forces away from the Indian borders. Jammu Kashmir liberation front chairman said that he will provide 1000 handpumps in that township for Sunny Deol. Geelani said that this is what they like about the current J&K government and the central government that they are very funny and this has brought their opposition close to them.

There was an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in Jammu and Kashmir after this news. What govt has not been able to achieve in years was achieved by just one news. It would not be strange if Sunny deol will be announced as the “Iron Man 2” of India.