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Jilted lover asks "Where are the achche din?"

20, Mar 2015 By narad

New Delhi: A jilted lover Mitesh Kumar from Patna in Bihar, whose desperate efforts to win over his ex-girlfriend had all but failed, sought to know as where was this country heading? His frustration was palpably visible as he gasped for breath. “All this while we heard that achche din are ahead of us, where are they?” he asked as he looked again at his phone in a hope to see a reply to his text messages and missed calls.

Sad Lover Boy Mitesh
Sad Lover Boy Mitesh Kumar

“It has been almost three weeks that I have kept sending messages pleading her to meet me but nothing has changed” he said “achche din is only for the corporate” he thundered, “for us it is all the same”.

He also talked about his nostalgia for the 49 days they had spent together before they broke up on the issue of whether Gol Gappa was solid or liquid. Mitesh said he is now ready to concede that he was wrong and that it is not solid as he had insisted earlier. But his desperate pleas have only fallen on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, the Opposition today stalled the Parliament blaming the Prime Minister for the sorry state of affairs of jilted lovers and seeking resignation. “The Government has no moral authority to continue even for a single day, if it cannot solve the problems of common man like Mitesh” said Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, Arjun Varge.

“It is an issue of insecurity which can only be solved by bringing in a law in the Parliament” opined Radharam Bicharey of the Communist Party of India. “The Government is not serious about any of these issues that is hurting the common man” he added.