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Jhaadu beats Dollar in price hike as AK takes office

28, Dec 2013 By gaathi

It wasn’t feel good all the while for ‘aadmi admi’ as Arvind Kejriwal took oath as the Chief Minister of Delhi. Even as there was a massive wave of change sweeping Delhi and every common man considering themselves as the real center of power for the first time, the ‘common woman’ or the ‘aam aurat’ seemed to have certain issues with the new chief minister however.

When more than a hundred thousand people gathered in the Ramleela Maidan to attend the oath taking ceremony with jhaadus in their hands, the housewives of Delhi had to face a different ordeal altogether. The sudden increase in demand of brooms in the capital on Saturday made the price of the commodity shoot even higher than the sky beating the US dollar’s record of value appreciation in a day.

Savita Bhabhi, a Delhi housewife says, “My husband went early morning to attend the ceremony and he took the broom which I used daily so I went to buy a new one. Much to my surprise the local general store in our mohalla had no more jhaadus left and after lot of search when I finally found a shop having some stock of it, the price left my mind numbed. It was Rs. 120”

This sudden increase in the price of brooms has also given a chance to other political parties to take a pick on the new CM. Congress General Secretary, Digvijay Singh says, “This is just a precursor of how the market will react to Arvind Kejiwal and it is something Rhul ji already knew. Today it is jhaadu, tomorrow it can also be toilet cleaner, Arvind will need to manage them all.”

“They all are naxalites”, said Subramanyam Swami, “I have got papers which prove that they supplied all the jhaadus from Delhi to the maoists of Jharkhand. I will also ask Supreme Court to take action.”

Whereas when Faking News asked Sheila Dikshit to remark on the rising prices of Jhaadu, this is what she had to say, “Ab hum kaa karein!”

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