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Jarawas Declare Duffer Zone for Settlers

16, Sep 2012 By PottatangTimes

A Duffer Zone Notification has been promulgated by the Chief of Jarawas, Right Handed Particular Dukati JVSM with effective from next full moon night. In a special meeting convened on the beach of Safed Balu, he cited the plight of the settlers who were once happily living in the mainland and had to forcefully migrate themselves to the shores of these Islands.

He also informed that the settlers have been at the receiving end since decades. Initially the Settlers were hostile to the Jarawas and used to gun down if a Jarawa ventured into the Revenue area. However, with the Ramaiyya episode, Settlers shed their hostile nature and has started frequenting the forests and have also become addicted to honey, pork and venison, which is taking a toll on its population.

The new notification has completely banned construction of new Chaddas close to the Andaman Metro Track. It has also banned Jarawas from climbling trees measuring 20 metres height and oggling at the Settlers travelling in the metro rail.

In a recent census, it has been established that the population of the settlers is dwindling at an unprecedented rate. An African newspaper had startled the whole forest dwellers when it released photos and videos of the Settlers fully clothed and attending a meeting somewhere in Port Blair. Jarawas had been frequenting the area and had hidden a Bamboo camera inside the conference hall.

The new notification has some very rigorous punishments for the Jarawas, who violate it. The Duffer Zone received mixed response from various quarters of the Jarawas.

Me Bi Hoo, a Jarawa leader and presently the Jarawa Representaive has send a stern warning that if the notification is implemented, it will affect the day to day activities of the Jarawas and their livelihood. His clan is planning a Jungle Roko in the coming week. In a urgently convened press meet, he demanded the Chief to come out with a white leaf on this issue.

Tum Bi Ho, another leader who is allegedly close to the Jarawa Chief has however maintained a tacit silence on the issue and in a press note received by Pottatang Times has requested the Chief to protect the interests of the Jarawas as well as protect the Settlers from extinction. It is learnt from reliable sources placed deep inside the Tirur Forest that the Chief might dilute the Duffer Zone Notification to satisfy Tum Bi Ho’s demand.

However, two Chaddas very close to the Settler settlement has been ordered close down by the Jarawa Chief. Any new tourism venture started by the Jarawas will require the permission of the Chief. The Settlers at their own will has been venturing into the Jungle area and bartering with the Jarawas. The Jarawa Police has already identified the Jarawas who are regularly dealing with the Settlers and warned them of dire consequences.

An all-clan meeting of the Jarawas were convened yesterday by the Chief in which majority of the leaders have announced unanimuous support and unlimited power to the Chief to declare any area a Duffer Zone. The Chief has also been given absolute power to do whatever he deems fit for the protection of the Settlers. He need not conduct any consultation process prior to issuing any decrees.

In the whole hullaballoo, the Settlers unaware of the new developments taking place in the corridors of the Jungle lead a miserable life. Education and Literacy has already taken a toll on the Settlers with innumerable suicides reported. With frequent downtime of Power Generators and rotational loadshedding of power and bandwidth, they have started looking towards the Jungle for a respite.

Meanwhile an expert committee of the Jarawas has been advocating junglestreaming of the Settlers. But this view is vehemently opposed by national and international tribal communities, and a major campaign has been launched by Extinction International.

Speaking to Pottatang Times, Mutton Curry said that the Settlers have been living a dignified life for decades and junglestreaming will lead to their complete annihilation. He said that the smooth roads, concrete buildings, regular ferries and pesticide intensive food should not be touched and disturbed. He has called the international tribal community to support the cause of the Settlers and save them from extinction.