Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Jains to provide Aadhaar card to buy Jain Pav Bhaji

16, May 2017 By yogesh911

Mumbai. The government is planning to introduce Aadhar verification at food stalls. The move is to limit sale of Jain Pav Bhaji only to Jains. This after the government made it compulsory to produce Aadhaar card for opening bank accounts, filing tax returns, verification of new and existing mobile phone numbers.

The strict religious norms
The strict religious norms

It is being speculated that centre might also make it mandatory for people defecating in open to carry their aadhaar cards in a bid to promote use of toilets. It is proposed that anyone caught defecating in open without an aadhaar card, would be served a non bailable warrant and charged for sedition.

The Sharmas are terrified over rumours that government might want the meat shops to ask for aadhaar card.The Jains are already stocking onions in heavy numbers  increasing market prices of onion.

It will also give a special provision to muslim women to get aadhaar card photos done with the burqa on. Cows will also be registered under aadhaar scheme to protect milkmen from frustrated cow vigilantes. Homosexuals will be issued pink aadhaar cards.

The government is also planning to register Gods on Aadhaar portal. Post demonetization a spike was noticed in donations at religious places. The IT department has already issued a notice to Hanuman Ji to link his aadhaar card to pan card.