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Jadeja wasn't selected in team only because he is Gujarati: Amit shah after hearing Owaisi

26, Jul 2015 By rajeshchintamaneni

New Delhi: After Asaduddin Owaisi made a statement that Indian Government was hanging Yakub Memon only because he was a Muslim, Amit Shah said in press conference that Indian Ex All-rounder and 3 time Triple century holder, Indian Bradman Ravindra jadeja was not selected for recent tour only because he was a Gujarati.

“If we observed the issues closely, all game changing events  have been happening after Rajiv Shukla taking charge of BCCI and everyone knows Didi is behind this conspiracy,” Shah added.

In a related incident, an employee in an office went to protest to an HR manager for denial of appraisal. When our Faking News reporter approached him and asked why did he think he was denied appraisal deliberately, he said, “That Jamie Lannister (code name given to HR by the employees) is not giving good rating in his appraisal only because I am fan of Ramsay Bolton and that HR is fan of Starks.”

When the reporter asked why the HR guy didn’t like him being a fan of Ramsay Bolton, he said, “See in the Game of Thrones Season, Ramsay is a bastard who works for Starks like an animal with out caring about himself. Similarly, we employees are working for the company. Even Ramsay is not used to get the good appraisals. In that show so we all are seeing ourselves in him and became fans. When he got promotion, he became superior to their boss; this concept is not exactly liked by our HR.”

“In last month, she started a hate campaign by making whatsapp group Traitor Ramsay and adding all of our employees to that group. After watching Lok Sabha TV yesterday, we got inspiration for protesting against her,” he added.

Reports coming to Faking News from different parts of India that some groups are vandalizing Baahubali-The Beginning playing Theatres as citing reason that Kattapa didn’t get promotion even working for one generation time because  he belongs to backward caste.