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Ivy League graduates hired to design a "Sycophantic Quadrant" for a Political Party

17, May 2015 By HariHaravelan

New Delhi: The group of ten people from Ivy League business schools across the globe have been hired by a political party to design a Sycophantic Quadrant to evaluate the performance of It’s party leaders.

Ten of the analysts from Ivy League graduates who are from various top research and analysis firms have been hired to design a “Sycophantic Quadrant”. Ministers, MPs, MLAs of the party and organization leaders are going to undergo this evaluation process which is based on this magic “Sycophantic Quadrant” as a part of the appraisal process.

Sycophantic Quadrant to evaluate the performance of party leaders
Sycophantic Quadrant to evaluate the performance of party leaders

About the Quadrant one of the analysts Lee has said, “There is component score, for each who is going to be evaluated and according to the scores we are going to position them in one of the Quadrants Ardent Sycophants, Fanatic, Admirer or Neutral.”

On talking about the methodology behind the quadrant Lee said, “Scores to be calculated on the parameters such as credit every good things or happenings to the Supremo and take blame on themselves, volunteer to slaughter themselves on TV shows by the anchors for leader or leader’s family and readiness to fight the opposition even physically for the leaders.

For answering the question, “Is the performance of the post one hold in the legislation assembly considered?”, he said “No, It’s purely based the how subservient to the Party leader.”

“It is tricky one could be an underachiever in the public forum but if they have conducted themselves in an exact way how the leader wants them to, then the one would get the maximum score”, he further added.

According to the party sources, “The party leaders who is going to be placed in the Neutral Quadrant to be sacked from the posts they are holding and Other Quadrant Leaders going to be awarded on respective Scores”