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It's confirmed! Vikas is the most popular baby name of 2014

11, Jul 2014 By planetdeepak

Mumbai: According to a recent survey published by, a child naming website, Vikas is fast emerging as the most popular baby name in 2014. The website attributed this trend to Narendra Modi’s Lok Sabha election campaign.

Vikas ranked a lowly 76th till March this year, managing a place in the top 100 solely due to its popularity in Gujarat.  However with the commencement of the Modi Sarkar Campaign in the last week of March, ‘Vikas’ started becoming more popular with every passing day.

Writing on the wall

Till June its popularity surpassed that of Sachin, the numero uno choice of many parents over a decade and a half.  As a result Vijay slipped one place to number three.

“We are as surprised by our results as the BJP was with theirs. The unprecedented growth of Vikas is like BJP securing 71 seats in Uttar Pradesh”, commented Shirin Naamwala, CEO of label-your-child.

According to Dr. Vijay Mahajan, social scientist specializing in Parent Psychology, there is nothing abnormal in the findings of the survey and that the trends are in accordance with normal behavior of the parents.

Explaining this Dr. Vijay said, “Parents often name their kids after someone they themselves could not become. I’m a classic example of this. Like all ordinary citizens of the eighties, my father too was mesmerized by the ‘Angry-Young-Man’ who fights against the unjust system. Unable to take on unjust system in reality, the least my father could do was to name me Vijay, the screen name Mr. Bachchan used for most of his characters. It was such a common trend those days that in my class alone we had 9 Vijay.”

Sachin Jain, chief analyst with ‘Facts&Figures’ carried out an in-depth analysis of the survey for Faking News. The excerpts of the report are reproduced here.

According to the report, popularity of Sachin (the name) did not decline all of a sudden. The slide started way back in 2004. However similar to the Congress party it too kept its position intact in absence of a worthy opponent. The occasional centuries and IPL seasons helped Sachin maintain the peak position.

However with Sachin declaring his retirement on November 16, the name dropped 2700 points, its biggest ever slide since it acquired the peak position in 1999, the year ‘Lal Badshah’ bombed heavily at the box-office and people started deserting Vijay.

However with Modi uprooting Congress in 2014, Vikas replaced Sachin. The single biggest contributor to Vikas’s popularity was the use of social media. Vikas trended so much during the election period that it overshadowed all others by a huge margin.

“Sachin must use social networking more often. At any given time the last tweet of Modiji or Bachchanji can be a few hours back; Sachin’s last tweet dates back to 23rd April. Common we are in Twitter age where days are like years. The fall in popularity was inevitable”, opined Sachin Jain.

However the results did not perturbed the least to those who matter the most, the Sachin fans. “This is just a bad patch and Sachin will come back stronger. Replacing Sachin permanently is impossible as in India we have a much bigger tradition of naming children after Gods. Sachin is the God of Cricket and no one can deny that”, said Sachin Joshi an avid Sachin fan and skipper of Samraat Cricket Club, Andheri.