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IT workers in awe of RahulG after his latest speech, refuse to work above 100 days an year

12, Sep 2013 By Baawra Chhora

There was a time when Rahul Gandhi’s statements were not taken seriously, but not anymore. Junior-G has found a new and unexpected set of followers among the desi IT junta.

Rahul Gandhi
Messiah of IT crowd?

The recent speech of Rahul Gandhi claiming, “Puri roti khayenge , 100 din kaam karenge, Congress ko jitayenge” has worked wonders on at least the IT guys of India. TOP level management of several companies have had meetings today about a weird demand put up by their majdoors IT engineers.

Groups of IT professionals in several IT firms  held their managers and alleged that they heard recent address from Rahul Baba where he asked people to work for 100 days and break bread throughout the year.

They said, they have already worked for more than 100 days in this calendar year and won’t work anymore for the rest of year.  Not just that, they claim overseas allowance for the overtime they have done above 100 days.

One neta among them told FN, “Junior-G is Godsend for us. Following his calls, we won’t be working anymore in this year, but our employers better send home our bread junior-G was talking about or face the repercussions”.

When asked about the repercussions, one of the IT guy on condition of confidentiality said “we will hack into the corporate mail accounts and set the incoming mail alert to Rahul baba’s latest speech. After that all we need to do is to send a lot of spams. ”

When FN asked that why should the companies pay them for the coming months if they won’t work anymore, the neta among them replied “Rahul baba, as we all know is very smart. He knows that companies pay us CTC, which is computed year wise. He just set the limit for yearly work and now companies have to comply.”

When asked if they would follow even last part of the slogan “Congress ko jetayenge” by voting for Congress, one of them replied, “Well, voting is just state of mind and in mind we have already voted for Rahul baba.”