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"It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy was penned as a tribute to Indians: Chris Gayle

05, Jun 2015 By khakshar

It has now been established  that the song “It Wasn’t me” by Jamaican- American reggae singer and deejay Shaggy aka Orville Richard Burrell was written as a tribute to  Indians.

This was confirmed  by two most  famous Jamaicans Gayle and Russel during the recently concluded IPL-8 . Both of them confirmed that “Wasn’t  Me” was written when Shaggy was touring India and visiting Indian schools.

Shaggy looking at Indians for inspiration

Shaggy found out that the most frequent words used by Indian Children in School was “Wasn’t Me”. He further researched that the syllabus remained the same in Public Schools and Private Schools both. An acute desire to use the anthem was found if there was a chance of punishment.

Shaggy also envisaged that  The Indian offices will also be  good propagandist for  the song.  He relied particularly on the Central and State Government offices.

While penning  the song, Shaggy realized that  most actions have a belated reaction. The belated reactions lead to umpteen inquiries  in which “Wasn’t” me is the most used word and standard answer. The Reggae Singer also knew that Inquiries consume a major chunk of time of Indian officers other than chatting and lunch time.

Russel also admitted that the Social Media adventures of Cricketers like Raina and Kambli were given as inputs of the song by him and Gayle.

A measure to check the immense popularity of the song theme in India has been devised. One can stand at a street corner  cigarette shop and ask for who did the littering of butts.