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IT night-shifters want to be branded Men of the Night's Watch

06, Aug 2015 By narayanv

A software engineer named ‘Shramit Kumar’ (hardworking as his name suggests) has suggested renaming of Night Shifts to be called ‘Night’s Watch’. This idea is believed to have been lodged in his mind since he started watching back-to-back seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’ on his regular night shift as a developer for an American client, working for Woofosys.

The T-Shirt Shramit has designed and distributed amongst his colleagues  of night shift.
A T-Shirt comprising such picture Shramit has designed and distributed amongst his colleagues to motivate them.

Shramit has been working in night shifts since he joined the firm, and is reported to have chosen to remain on it voluntarily, as that is how he can supplement his meager income as an associate, with the night shift allowances. That has led to him fantasizing himself as being Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow, as he is the only person still dedicated to the night shift while all his colleagues are inexperienced and are less accustomed to handle it. Shramit also says that there are no women working in his shift, further drawing parallels with the Night’s Watch.

Shramit is seen to make fellow nightshifters take the oath of the Night’s Watch: ‘Night gathers, and now my shift begins. It shall not end until my resignation or rolloff from the project. I shall doze off, but make sure my status is shown online on Office Communicator, by hook or crook. I shall play table tennis, cricket and whatever within the office, but make sure no glass is broken. I shall smoke and stall for time as colleagues arrive in the morning and do my work. I shall be the symbol of intolerance for managers who willingly make 24×7 IT support deals and condemn freshers to the Wall, to work all through the Night. I am the shield that guards the realms of Americans. I pledge my career to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.

Shramit and his fellow men of the Night’s Watch are also reported to be planning a trip Beyond the Wall. While different Night’s Watchers have different interpretations of this trip, some speculating that it could be a joyride outside the office lasting all night, while they pretend to be online, some even see this as pestering their managers repeatedly to actually send them to America onsite instead of its timezone. These different viewpoints seem to polarize their view of the Lord Commander, some planning to upstage Shramit out of the Night’s Watch much like the Crows did to Jon Snow.