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IT engineer starts a start-up for creating start-ups

06, Aug 2014 By avneesh271

Delhi. Seeing the rise of new start-up companies in every corner of his college, an engineer has created a company for starting new start-ups.

Mahesh Rajnani, a twenty year old, pursuing Mechanical Engineering from Delhi Technological University, Rohini, has started a new company called ‘CompanyKart’, a company which starts up new companies.

As new companies are being created every day of the week, especially in engineering colleges with software development as most of their USPs, Mahesh has seized the opportunity to start-up a company which creates new companies.

“This is a really innovative idea and no doubt, yet again an engineer is behind it. I have made a company which will create new companies. You see, every engineer today wants make his/her own company and setting Mark Zuckerberg as their idol, want to become a successful entrepreneur. So I will give them a boost. If someone wants to start their own company, they can just come here and we will start their company with respect to the branch they belong to, give it an extremely irrelevant name and give it a tagline’ said Mahesh, now creator of more than 50 star-ups.

To start-up a new company, it requires just the student’s name and their engineering branch. CompanyKart has now helped more than 70 students who were facing a dilemma on what company to start-up and what innovative vision to have. “Students, especially fuchas come to us with their first world problems. They want to do something in life and just can’t figure out what something is. Everyone want to become an inventor, so we start their company for them and let them invent after.”

Firdo, Galary, Nadit, redD are the few irrelevant names these companies have. “It is not easy, you see, coming up with new irrelevant names is an art. We create irrelevant names as they can be added to dictionary as Google has been if the company becomes popular,” said Naresh, alter ego of Mahesh as he says “having an alter ego is in fashion these days, I heard about it two days ago in Eminem songs.”

One of the success stories is ‘èau de toilettè’. The name extremely popular as the most original name ever Mahesh came up with while playing with perfumes is a campus blockbuster. ‘I had to put some French ‘e’ inside the name, it sounds so luxury’ said Mahesh, about the naming the campus’ most famous chhole-bhature brand.

Note: If you want to register, just send your name and graduation course to with your Debit/Credit Card information. Your company name, its tagline and its true vision will be sent you by e-mail and company registration will also be taken care of.