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IT engineer starts a new challenge series - Resign Challenge

02, Sep 2014 By justj1

Bangalore. After a viral success of Ice  Bucket challenge and Rice Bucket challenge on social media, a frustrated IT engineer from Bangalore started another challenge series. He named it as Resign Challenge series.

Amit (Whistle blower), a 25 year old IT engineer was very frustrated with his job. He resigned from his company and put the screenshot of resignation e-mail on social network challenging his 3 friends from IT industry to do the same with in 24 hours or donate 10 % of the CTC to his salary account.

Not that tough.

The new challenge series also went viral on the social networks and IT engineers are publishing their screenshot of resignation e-mail and challenging their own friends. Some of the resignation e-mail has challenge mentioned in email it self to their manager and upper hierarchy to resign within 24 hours.

A separate website has been created to promote this kind of challenge and it is reported that it got the million hits in last week according to google trend and still it’s trending.

In an interview, an HR manager of a multinational IT company said, “Now a days, we are coming to know about resignation of employees from social network, instead of email. It is very difficult to handle situation when employees are giving the reason for resignation as he/she was challenged to do so on social network and he/she can not back-out the challenge.”

It is also reported that stock price of all IT company are going down due to high attrition rate.

Meanwhile, CEOs of the MNCs have arranged a meeting to overcome the viral situation. But frustrated CEO of Banana INC has resigned during meeting and has challenged Mark Zukerberg to do so and post his resignation e-mail on Facebook  in 24 hours.