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IT engineer mourns loss of money, sent to asylum

13, Jun 2014 By manojsharma

Ravish, an engineer in a reputed software company, was sent to asylum after he suffered a mental shock about the loss of his hard earned money. He is reported to be stable now.

Hope, Sliced.

On a weekend, Ravish was  planning to have dinner in his society’s canteen. He pulled out his wallet from the pant he had been wearing for the whole last week. After donning his age old Capri and dusky T-shirt, when he was about to leave for canteen, he thought of checking the money in wallet.

As he opened it, loose change dropped down. He being a smug picked up the coins and threw those on bed and continued to scan the wallet in search of money.

In the first pocket there were some visiting cards, months old travel tickets which he had forgotten to throw after journeys and some ID cards. Finding no trace of money till now, he seemed worried as lines drew on his forehead.

Now he started scanning second pocket, which he didn’t check much often. He felt the presence of some papers in the pocket. Hoping it to be the notes, he pulled those out. What he saw was stunning and disturbing.

Those were the coupons which food vendors give when there is [not] dearth of change. He started counting the monetary value of these coupons. “60, 40, 5, 5, 20, 70 ….200…200 rupees coupons!” he exclaimed. Suddenly he remembered that the vendor who issued these coupons is gone.

Ravish was dejected. He started calculating similar kind of losses from misplaced change. He estimated that around 5 coins that he get in office food court per day, 4 of them he often misplaces at home later not to be found.  The average loss per month was approximately 150 rupees.

Such was the anger that he started pulling out papers from wallet and shredding those. He shred all the coupons, useless tickets, visiting cards etc. While dropping the pieces in the bin, he noticed some different color papers.  When watched closely, they were the parts of a thousand rupees note.

Already troubled he was, this event proved to be catastrophic. He suffered a shock, shock of losing his 3 months’ hike which he was awarded recently with a CRR 4. He started screaming and running amok and in the process attacked a manager living in nearby flat.

The society, on the complaint of manager called police which took him to mental asylum. After some electric shock therapy, Ravish could be brought back to senses. [Though some  sources revealed that it was an offer from doctors to compensate the monetary loss which actually brought him back to senses, this news was dropped by reporters on the request of the IT Company.]