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IT employees very happy with 'Friday Festivals', ask BJP to repeat this year's calender next year too

29, Aug 2014 By tanul

Pune. With most of the festivals falling on Fridays, IT services employees from Pune are very happy with this year’s calender. The three day long weekend has come as a respite to many under-utilized-yet-office-going as well as over-utilized-suicidal employees.

The IT employees association of Pune has also urged the local  BJP body to take up their request ‘to repeat this year’s calender next year as well’ to PMO office. The suggestion, if accepted, will help BJP picture its Hindutva as an inclusive one.

Students celebrating.
Employees celebrating.

Faking News spoke to some exhilarated employees.

“I can’t believe this. I mean 15th Aug-The Republic Day (she confirmed that she was sure it was Republic Day) and now 29th Aug- Ganesh Chaturthi, even good Friday was on friday, its like Ranbir Kapoor movie with a caramel popcorn,” exhudes Monica from Infosys.

“Its great but has its own share of woes,” laments Mr Tharki, “4 nights of partying in a week takes a heavy toll on the pockets if not the health.”

“Its like a promotion and an on-site opportunity. They happen once in a blue moon. We usually get a one-day leave for Diwali and last year Diwali was on Sunday; the pain was unbearable. This year though, I am happy with things. Its like being back in Mohali after Test matches in England.” says Amit, analyst with Cognizant.

While a majority of them are happy with the proposal, there is also an upset faction of employees – we spoke to them.

“Not so great for me. And please dump that idea to repeat the calender. I have been to office on each of these so-called-friday-fetivals as the client asks for only people with dependency to be in office. I never knew trying to get that extra visiblity could ruin my life, the Client knows me well and wants me to be in office all the time. I don’t want any friday-holidays, atleast a working-day makes life better as the not-so-working ones too have to come to office.Saddism you may call it,but I love it,” says Daya, from a major IT firm.

When asked if the holidays have affected them, a higher-management source from a profit-making IT firm put it, “Frankly speaking, the Daya story you narrated is true to a great extent and a reason why it doesn’t delay our deliveries. While we do make losses due to weekday holidays, we make it up with fewer promotions and peanut-hikes at end of year. Till then, let us enjoy’friday festivals’.”