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IT employee gets a heart attack after getting actual development work

12, Apr 2014 By Mihir Shah

Pareshan Kaamtaale, an employee of the renowned Famous IT Company Ltd., suffered a minor heart attack earlier today, when after years of pretending he was busy, working, he was given the actual task of developing a tool.

His face while reading the email.
His face while reading the email.

Pareshan, who joined the IT industry upon the insistence of his Jhoomritalaiya wale chacha (who said, “Beta, IT join kar lo. Bahut scope hai!”), was always a frustrated man, but had learnt to keep his cool after following the famous adage coined by Baba No-kaamdev : “Kaam utna hi karo, ki salary jyada lagne lage”.

On the ill fated day, Pareshan trudged in, as usual, at 11 am. Took a coffee break for half an hour; played a couple of games of Table Tennis, after which he finally decided to check his mailbox. Everything was running smoothly until his eyes fell on “Urgent Requirement – Develop a code to…”. The first thought that crossed his mind was it must be just another prank played by his colleagues, but as he scrolled further down, the requirements seemed more and more genuine, which resulted in palpitations before he had to be admitted to a hospital.

Our correspondent, due to lack of work as usual, was the first to reach the hospital. What stunned him was that Pareshan’s entire department was present at the hospital, suggesting he was a popular and a beloved character.

“I saw everyone rushing out of the office premises, while I was getting in. Assuming we were going for a team lunch, I did not even bother to take my helmet off and turned my bike towards the exit only to find myself at the hospital. I’m still not sure why I am here, but meh! Ogling nurses is still better than pretending to work!”, revealed Punk Udas, the apathetic office rebel. This explained the crowded hospital lobby.

After weaving his way through the crowd, our correspondent finally managed to get hold of Pareshan.

“Joining this project was a no-brainer after a beautiful girl interviewed me. I was promised this was a Development Project, they had onsite opportunities and ten other good things which I was sure I was never going to get.”, started Pareshan, “But who the hell lives up to their word?! On what grounds are we supposed to fight after our appraisals, if they start delivering what they had promised?!”, said a dejected and distraught Pareshan.

Many other employees were seen pondering their future with the company, after realizing they could be next in line to do some actual work. When asked, why were they worried about doing something they were hired for, one of them replied with a wry smile on his face, “I joined the IT industry because I thought I wanted a good career. Turns out I only want a good paycheck.”