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IT employee euphoric after discovering that Diwali is a holiday

01, Nov 2013 By mrudal

Pune: While the nation has not yet recovered from the shock as Diwali falls on Sunday this year, a contrasting picture was visible in Pune. Ramesh, a systems engineer with a leading IT company, was euphoric when he discovered that Diwali is actually a holiday this year.

Happy Ramesh.
Happy Ramesh.

He said, “I have stopped searching for festival holidays in the calendar as it is usually a working day for us. But when my neighbor asked me about my plans this Diwali as it falls on a Sunday, I was shocked. An actual day off on a festival; I didn’t know that the Hindu calendar will play such an important role in my life.”

“For the past 3 years, all I did was post Diwali statuses and exchange greetings online. But this year will surely be different. Unlike previous years, this time I will use my BBM messenger to wish everyone. It will surely be a unique experience in itself.” he added.

Rahul, another techie, shared his tale with us. He failed to relate himself with the festival as he has forgotten what people actually do during this festival. He said, “I passed it off as just another Sunday but the excitement of my colleagues got me curious. As a standard practice, I read about it on Wikipedia and was surprised to find out that Diwali is usually an official holiday.”

Soham, Rahul’s friend-colleague, elaborated on his condition. He said, “Rahul was a typical festival lover and looked forward to celebrate it every time. As holidays during the festival became wishful thinking, he started getting frustrated. In fact, once I dreamt of an actual festival-holiday hidden somewhere in the calendars. When I told him about this, he started digging into the calendars but was eventually disappointed to find nothing. That day onwards no festival ever found its relevance to him.”

The HR department which has been caught off-guard this time is worried because the employees seem to be happy. According to the sources, they have constituted a committee that will identify the festivals falling on Sundays and try to schedule a training or motivational lectures on those days to avoid such “unproductive” events in future.

However, government employees are very upset over this event. One official said “I knew that this day would come. You see, the first thing we do when the calendars are published is note down the list of holidays during the entire year.  One less holiday effectively translates into one more “working” day. Well, we are helpless but it does mean that we get one more day to serve the people.”

Fakingnews sensed something fishy in his statement and decided to investigate further. It was revealed that the government employees’ union took up this matter with the authorities for getting an extra holiday declared to “compensate for the loss”. Interestingly, the proposal is lying with the government and will only be considered “after” the diwali holidays as the concerned minister is travelling.