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IT Employee automates himself, sends self hologram at work

01, Mar 2014 By dhavalmetrani

Bengaluru. Sunil Narine Murthi, a 27 year old software engineer has been working in the IT industry for over 5 years now. He joined the IT industry back in 2008 as an trainee software engineer and has been involved in automation ever since then. Initially he thought automation as a cool tool but now he is so obsessed with it that he looks for automation in all walks of life.

Hologram at work.
Hologram at work.

“Yes. I automate almost all my office activities. When my pc boots up at my office, my script takes over and marks all my emails as read in Outlook. I don’t have to bother about my emails anymore. My script does all the work for me. Opens up different programs (MS Excel, Word, etc.) after a random time and sends the  (alt + tab) keys after random times.  Sends birthday wishes on Facebook, etc.”, said his automated bot when contacted over communicator.

Inspired by the BJP PM candidate Mr. Narendra Modi, he has started using his own hologram in office. That way he does’t even have to visit office since all of his other office chores have been automated. Murthi feels that he has been truly modified. He has brought the Gujarat model in the IT industry.

Unconfirmed sources have confirmed seeing Murthi doing weird things like speaking with the walls. Probably that’s because he is controlling his hologram in office and speaking to his colleagues.