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IT companies stop providing lunch coupons, instead giving Rs. 5 in cash to employees

28, Jul 2013 By moga

Rupee 5 note
Even Gandhiji seems to be ROFLing on the bizarre claims made by some congress politicians.

In a move that will affect thousands of their employees,  IT companies over the country have done away with subsidized lunches in their offices. The employees will instead receive rs. 5 daily in cash by flashing their I-cards at the reception during lunch hours. The move is part of many austerity drives undertaken by already cash deficit companies.

When asked for the logic behind this ‘extreme’ step, Raju Babbar of an Italy based IT MNC said, ‘Our recent study told us that one can have a healthy meal under Rs. 5, then what is the use of  the expensive coupons that we provide to each employee of ours? Also the step is in line with our country’s national policy of providing subsidy in direct cash. It’s safe too!’

But the employees were visibly upset with the move. Many of the ‘developers’ rue the fact that they would now miss on the opportunity to stalk HR girls whom they could only see during lunch in common cafeteria. An even more enraged Bangalorean complained, ‘At this price food might be available in Delhi or Mumbai, but here in B’lore, its impossible. Even a single Uddina Vada now costs Rs8!’

But the Delhi based ITians too were in dilemma and were found taking help of Google and Yahoo!Answers to find cheapest place to go to with their  5 rupees coin. After much toiling, Google maps came up with a canteen in central Delhi serving food at cheapest rates. But soon their elation turned sour as it turned out entry over there was restricted and it served only Gandhis, Modis and Yadavs among few others.