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Ishant sharma signed a whopping 20 cr contract with Bandar Chhaap Dant Manjan

10, Mar 2017 By HARSH DOLIA

In recent test versus Australia, Ishant’s facial expressions took everyone in the stands into double splits and he became a news item in social media, Bandar Chaap Dant Manjan came to his rescue and signed a whopping 20 crore contract with him to feature on its products packets with the same monkey faced expressions.

Ishant Sharma's million dollar face
Ishant Sharma’s million dollar face

Bandar Chaap’s CEO Rana Vettikutti tweeted, “Signed a contract finally with an Indian player having monkey face after Mohammad Azharuddin. We are happy to have talents like him in our country who sacrifice their future for the pride of their nation’s product.” Ishant on his grand success tweeted back, “I am very happy. My hard work has finally paid off the dividends. I have practiced for the same since last 2 years. My source of inspiration is Shreesanth who has taught me a lot of such expressions. Happiness…..”

As per reports from England, recent IPL billionaire Ben Stokes got heart attack on hearing the same. His last words as per sources were, “I have worked so hard on my cricket and just got 12 crores. He just on one expression got 20 crores. Bhenxxxx”

Another report coming from film industry says that Hollywood filmmaker Steven Speilberg is in talks with him to make a sequal to Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. PMO has honoured the incident as the rarest of the rare incident.

Other Indian players were seen practicing donkey steps in the nets before the next test match.