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ISC declares results, AAP to stage dharna for the inflated marks

25, May 2015 By Anand Bhate

NEW DELHI / KOLKATA: The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations declared its results on May 18, 2015. The overall pass percentage in ISC (class XII) was 96.28%. The Aam Aadmi Party has put forth a strong disapproval to this inflation.

Their spokesperson and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia held a press conference at their Delhi Headquarters: “All this is happening because of the Modi Government. The pass percentage in ISC has gone up by 1.01% and burdened the common man, who still studies in state boards and is not even able to pass.”

AAP workers protesting against inflation in marks
AAP workers protesting against inflation in marks

This was soon followed by a round of Dharna’s. The student wing of AAP went with 14 hoardings and 322 black flags outside the ISC office and registered their displeasure. However, it was a peaceful protest because the books burnt and the slogans shouted did not harm anyone physically.

This news soon spread across the country. At Kolkata, outside Arkya Chatterjee’s home (The Topper this year), heavy police was deployed. On meeting our reporter, the commissioner said, “Arkya was threatened on Twitter that his ISC result will be stolen and will be returned only if he writes the West Bengal Exams next year to see what reality is. We will deploy SPG if required to protect him.”

The Chairman of West Bengal State Board, said to our reporter: “We support AAP for this. Such results create a lot of imbalance in the country. The score of an average ISC student is enough to pass 2-3 West Bengal State Board students. However, we still love Didi and will vote for her.”

However mixed responses were received from the student community.

Somewhere in Chandni Chowk, students alleged that all this is done because Arvind Kejriwal during his schooling was denied admission in an ISC school because of his Dharna attitude. Our team tried to get a comment from the Delhi ISC schools over his application but no one was available for a comment.

Later, an AAP insider confirmed: “Arvind ji was denied an admission but that should not be related to this. He is a noble man and is doing this so that the inflation does not harm the student community.” We also got to know that Mr. Kejriwal had sent his IIT JEE results to every ISC school he was denied of back then to show his capability.

Later in the day, we got in touch with Sanjay Singh of AAP who explained: “During our time, a 60% was a good percentage and brought smiles to the family. When Raghav Chadha was in his 12th, a decent 80% was good to cheer up people. And now, even 95% is frowned by the society. All this is done by BJP and Congress. This inflation is indirectly benefiting the coaching classes.”

Kumar Vishwas on Twitter posted a poetry and gave a ew perspective to this episode :

“Koi deewana kehta hai, koi pagal samajhta hai,
Magar results ki bechaini ko bas student samajhta hai
Main 95% se door kitna hoon, woh mujhse door kitna hai
Woh ISC board samajhta hai ya mera state board samajhta hai.. “
which got 428 retweets and 972 favorites.
However, the students of ISC board disapproved this and decided to block AAP page. The Association of Coaching & Tuition(ACT) is believed to have raised this issue to the HRD Ministry and we will soon get back with an update.