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IRCTC to award its users after successfully booking a ticket

21, Jun 2014 By Raunak Ramteke

The online Railway ticket booking website has come up with a new strategy to increase its revenue. It has decided to reward its users after they successfully book a ticket.

This move comes as an effect to the several complaints regarding the slow functioning of the website, by the users. This led  the IRCTC to think of this innovative idea of rewarding the customers, instead of fixing the website. For now, the rewards that IRCTC would be giving its users, include branded sofas, beds and bean bags, which can be used for sleeping when they login to book tickets, the next time. Shaving kits for men, who have complained of sitting in front of the computer screen, for weeks which led their beard to grow like mad.

Just another government servant.
Just another government servant.

When Faking News contacted a few dissatisfied users to know their reaction on IRCTC’s new offer, we could see them quite happy about it. Rajesh, one of the regular users of the website, said that previously he had to wait for ages, to get his reservation done. He remembers taking a week off from work, so that he could book his ticket. “This offer would be worth it. And taking an off from work, would be justified.”

“Me and my girlfriend decided to plan a trip to Goa and we tried booking tickets for the same. We logged into IRCTC from my place, in January and got our tickets booked in May. During this, we lived together for 6 months and it became a legal live-in relationship, which led our parents to marry us off and interestingly that random Goa trip became our honeymoon destination. This offer would help us get furniture for our new house in Sakinaka, Mumbai,” said Prakash.

The offer has also grabbed the attention of some brands, who are ready to sponsor it. A brand like Red Bull is in talks with IRCTC to give free Red Bull cans to the website users, so that they don’t sleep off, while booking. Even Yoga Gurus have offered to conduct meditation classes for the users, who get frustrated while using the website. But the best deal that IRCTC is likely to confirm, is Microsoft’s offer of creating unbreakable computers for IRCTC users. The reason behind this deal getting high priority are the news reports which state that most of the frustrated IRCTC users, break their computer screens.

IRCTC also plans to give a bumper prize, which is undisclosed, to the users who use the combination of Internet Explorer and BSNL Broadband connection, to book tickets on IRCTC.

This offer can be availed by the users, from 31st December, 2014. For further details, you can visit from your nearest Super Computer.

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