Friday, 20th April, 2018

IRCTC proves "All Indians are equal", serves toilet water made tea to MPs

24, Jul 2014 By Gareeb MBA

In another act which proves that IRCTC is the only non- discriminating body in country, it is now serving tea made of toilet water for VIP and VVIPs, which till now was only consumed by general public.

All Indians are equal.

This come hours after they brought some Maharashtra SS MPs back to earth and made them realize that they are not entitled to any special treatment and will have to eat same quality of food as aam aadmi including elastic rotis.

Opposition parties blasted MPs for double speak. “On one hand they need Uniform Civil Code, on other hand they demand special food,”  said a Congress leader.

MPs fear this incident will snowball and soon a time will come when they will have to book tickets 4 months in advance, or will to stand in line from morning 4 am to book in tatkal, or they might have to share their berth with others as TT made money.

IRCTC defended its decision of using toilet water, as there are many advantages like it helps in water conservation, rich mineral content and low cost. But the biggest pro is that it shows nobody is above anybody else and all are equal.

Plauding IRCTC efforts, many people have recommended it to be awarded this year in the field of CSR, Cleanliness, Social Bullshit, Innovation and most importantly in Bravery.