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IPL organizers have proposed to supply beer instead of water for the matches to be played in Maharashtra

09, Apr 2016 By dasu

Mumbai. IPL organizers are not worried after Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis told potable water will not be provided for any of the matches even if that means matches are shifted out of Nagpur, Pune and Mumbai.

Mr. Anurag Thakur who is part of the governing council told us, “It seems our honorable CM is not aware of there are no drinks break in t20 matches. As part of security measure, we do not allow anyone to carry water bottle inside the stadium”.

“Beer? Not a bad idea”: Fadnavis thinking

“To honor his decision, we have gone one step further. We have ensured there will be no drinking water is available to the public watching the matches from stadium. This is a tough hour for all of us. I am sure our cricket viewing public who have not cared about match fixing, spot fixing and various other corruption allegations in the past, will manage three to four hours without water”, said Mr. Thakur.

When we asked how in summer someone will manage without water, Mr. Thakur said, “As part of contingency plan, we will supply beer and it will be available at MRP. Mr. Mallya, has offered to supply small tetra packs at mineral water bottle price for those who cannot afford and for every RCB win he has plans to announce buy one get one free offer”.

“Government which has taken lot of flak after Mallya fled India is very much supportive of our idea. I feel this decision will help our banks in getting back the money from Mallya soon”, said Mr. Thakur.

Mr. Thakur told us how others are co-operating. “Our franchise owners are very co-operative too. To save water, they have asked their team members not to take bath in hotel, have been told to be at the ground to take bath when water is sprinkled across to maintain the greenish look. What I appreciate most was the IPL extras who have no chance of being selected to playing XI. They have told me beer is just fine for them, full season they can manage without water”, said Mr. Thakur.

When we asked Mr. Ganguly, the only IPL governing council member who has lifted a bat in his life, he told us, “As long as official scorer & umpires do not drink beer, I am fine. We have to ensure volatile players who will be drunk are escorted properly so that we do not see a repeat of Bhajji vs. Sreesanth kind of episode. We will need additional security for which we have to plan for, but the cost for IPL post-match parties will come down”.