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Interviewer stuns candidate; Forgets to ask 'Tell me about Yourself'

27, Apr 2015 By sameer mahawar

Old Delhi. In what could be considered as the most unexpected setback in the world of talent acquisition, an HR of a high profile disinvestment bank, J.P. Murrugan, forgets to start the interview with the most anticipated question “Tell me about yourself”.

Sunny Narang, who hails from Sector-9, Rohini, was called for the interview along with 69 other pass-outs from Dilli University for a job position which had only one vacancy. He thought that he will be welcomed with “Tell me about Yourself” instead of greetings by the interviewer. But to his surprise, Miss Falguni Naatak, the interviewer, wished him ‘Good Morning’ and started asking him the relevant questions straight-forwardly without even taking his introduction.

Sunny in a shock when the interviewer escaped the question 'Tell me about yourself' during a 5 minutes and 33 seconds long interview.
Sunny in a shock when the interviewer escaped the question ‘Tell me about yourself’ during a 5 minutes and 33 seconds long interview.

“As soon as I got a call from regarding the interview, I started Googling ‘Common things asked in a job interview’. Most of the

search results showed that one should be well prepared with ‘Tell me about yourself’ in order to get into the confidence of the interviewer. Not only this, my seniors also told me the same thing”, said Sunny, astonishingly.

“He used to call us and rehearse his introduction speech and would dictate all his history from his schooling to what he learnt during winter internship (which was obviously nothing but work of an office boy) from latest Honey Singh song to the latest branded shirt he bought. That interviewer has really ditched my friend, he has never failed bragging about himself”, said a friend of Sunny, requesting for anonymity.

Along with two-three verbal abuses (equivalent to those given by Virat Kohli) the unspoiled Old Delhi brat said, “I prepared for my introduction speech for days & nights practicing in front of the mirror. Wo janti ni ki mera baap kaun hai…2 ghante mein use naukri se niklwa sakta hun… Lipstick laga ke interviewer ban gyi“.

(We thought of publishing those swear words over here as government has allowed freedom of speech on social media, but held ourselves from doing so because we don’t want to face the risk of another U-turn by Feku ki Sarkaar).

We have discovered that Sunny is now preparing for Ghodies X auditions and we hope that the most polite and reputed jury of this famous unscripted reality show for unemployed youth doesn’t disappoint him by not asking  “Tell me about yourself you a&#@#le”.