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Interviewee attacked interviewer for asking simple and straight questions

12, Feb 2016 By avinashbhati

New Delhi. Engineers world got bombed, when an interviewee attacked the interviewer for asking straight and simple questions. Delhi ki police has arrested interviewer for playing with engineer’s emotions.

“Can I have some challenging and tricky questions please?” Frustrated Candidate asked.

Our reporter tried to contact the victim, Gaurav Ab-Job-Lagi-Samjho. He told our reporter, Babu Jagat-Jankar, “I was sitting in waiting room for my turn. A guy came and offered me coffee. I became nervous because in my entire 49 interview failure career, it never happened with me. But I spell Baba Chomchomdev’s name seven times and thought it could be some misunderstanding. Then they called my name when I entered into the room. Interviewer Abhishek Sab-Janta-Hun and Prerna Shayani, smiled at me. After that they started asking simple and straight questions instead of complex ones. They were not even talking harshly and rudely. I thought it could be a trap or maybe I had come to a wrong place. I thought for 2.5 seconds and threw ink on the interviewers and attacked them by my resume. I got fainted after all this”.

According to the sources, he was admitted in nearby coaching centers by other Berojgaars. Teachers have advised him two chapters of complex arithmetic’s and unsolvable differentiation questions and restricted him from doing easy work.

According to the victim, he crossed the 3 black cat’s way, while coming for the interview, that’s why it happened to him.