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Interview of Shri BalRam Sena's supremo Mr. Hanuman Singh

21, Feb 2013 By idiot420

Few days back we got a chance to interview Shri BalRam Sena’s supremo Mr. Hanuman Singh. He spoke openly about his party, ambitions and future plans.

Reporter : Very welcome Mr. Hanuman and congrats once again for success of your party’s nationwide anti-valentine show on 14th Feb.

Hanuman Singh : Shukriya, all by god grace has gone well and boys have done a wonderful job and whole party is proud of them.

Reporter: Although Your party was founded long time ago but was not able to make it’s presence visible on national political horizon for many years, but there is a sudden change and now it’s Shri BalRam Sena all around. What’s the secret ?

Hanuman Singh : Nothing much, in 2007 we had a core party meeting at Vaishanv Devi. In that meeting our main agenda was popularity and funding, so in regard of that we decided to hire some marketing gurus and some consultant from McKinsey for the complete makeover of party. And the result is in front of you. We have done more than expected, haven’t we??

Reporter : Of course Mr. Hanuman, you party did a marvelous job. So can you put some light on the professional help that you got, as this can be a interesting case study of branding at B-schools.

Hanuman Singh : After the meeting in 2007, we hired a very talented branding and marketing genius. He is a MICA Ahmedabad graduate, a gold medalist and a Bansal Kota alumnus. He analysed our problem and came with a quick and witty solution. Taking inspiration of earlier success stories of Shiv sena and MNS, he created a blue print of our to do activities of next 2 years and we just followed them. He also designed a logo for our party. After that in 2008 as a part of our pre scheduled work we first targeted MF hussain paintings. That was a real classic act, we should be awarded best debutante party for that rock show. Later we targeted valentine day and all other kind of imported days that we celebrate in our country.

Reporter : One of your party’s most talked about campaign “Pink Chaddi campaign” of 2009,what was actual motive?

Hanuman Singh : Motive was even simpler than the name of the campaign. We are against all type of foreign cultural invasions. Actually we had planned to name the campaign as “Gulabi chaddi campaign”, but one of our senior member Gulab singh bagghela objected this as Gulabi was his wife’s name. If that would have been the name it would have worked better as you can see “gulabi” words gives you a fragrance of your culture unlike Pink.

Reporter: So Mr Hanuman, what are your party’s plan regarding fund raising. As this is very important for survival of a party.

Hanuman Singh : Our Mckinsey consultant have helped us and arranged few meetings with some venture capitalists. They were quite impressed with our business plan and agreed to invest in our party. We have a heavy inflow of cash and very soon we will be shifting our party office to DLF cybergreens Gurgaon. And the last year Prashant bhushan slapping case on Kashmir remark has added more to our popularity which will certainly put us in a position to go public. Very soon we are planning for an IPO at Bombay Stock Exchange.

Reporter : An IPO for a political party, Oh My God. What are you up to Mr Hanuman?

Hanuman Singh : Look we are a GeNext party,we are following a corporate strategey and very soon we will be on top. We are trying to put a example of a Modern Indian Political party fighting for India’s culture. What could be a better mix of east and west than “Shri BalRam Sena”. And we have a tag line for our party too “Rishta wahi soch nayi”. We also have plans to enter the unorganized business related to politics like political posters and banners printing.

Reporter : Thanks a lot Mr Hanuman for being so open with us and best wishes for future of BalRam sena.

Hanuman Singh : Jai Shri Ram.

Reporter: Jai Shri Ram.