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Interpol alerted against escape of Faking News editor

30, Jul 2013 By trishanku

Following the publication of a highly objectionable article “Who will win the 2014 General Elections?” in the recent issue of faking news, international arrest warrants have been issued against the editor of the faking news on the complaint of Mr Digvijay Singh, general secretary of Congress. Interpol has also been alerted to thwart his attempts to leave the country – the slight difficulty being that the name, address and the available photograph of the editor seem to be fake.

Pagal Patrakar of Faking News is in for some trouble now.

In the said article — which in a display of audacity has still not been withdrawn from the website — a pie-chart indicated in different colours the percentage of people likely to win the next elections; and green colour was used to indicate the criminals. All secular parties like Congress, SP, BSP and CPM have taken strong objection to it and written to Mr Kapil Sibal to ban the website immediately. CPM has also objected to the use of red colour to denote industrialists, which it finds demeaning to the worldwide communist movement.

The home minister has, to forestall any communal discord, ordered a CBI enquiry which, in a rare display of lightning response, has issued lookout notices for the editor and the author of the impugned article, pagal patrakar. ‘Even the name of the author looks fake’ said the investigating officer. Our correspondent has learnt that the telecom ministry is suspecting the involvement of an organized criminal racket behind the website. All search attempts till now have led to server name ‘Fake’ and location ‘Fake Indian Ocean’ both of which the CBI feels are really fake. Mr Digvijay Singh suspects this to be the handiwork of Modi cyber cell and has suggested invoking MCOCA against its coordinator to bring out the truth through his Narco test.