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Interior designer to use 1000 rupee notes as wallpaper to cut cost

28, Aug 2013 By Abhishek Kamboj

Delhi. A young couple working in US decided to build new home back in India. They approached a North Block, New Delhi based interior designer for decorating their new home with wallpapers to cut cost.

1000 rupee
The note that nobody cares about.

The Cambridge educated designer suggested them to use 1000 Rupee notes as wallpaper instead of going for an expensive ones in the market. The couple was impressed as the Rupee notes were of better quality but still cheaper than any other wallpapers option available in the market.

“Having so many Mahatama Gandhis around on wall will also have a positive influence in the upbringing of their kids,” is what the wife is said to have quipped to her husband.