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Inspiring story of an underworld don

02, Jul 2014 By rajeevr

Mumbai : This is an inspiring story of  a small town boy with dreams in his eyes and only one aim, to be an underworld don in Mumbai.

“It wasn’t easy,” said Chhota Munna outside his undisclosed hideout in Mumbai to a select group of reporters.  “I was doing okay in my small town where my pickpocketing business in buses and trains were flourishing and I was able to take care of my aging parents. My father had just retired after giving 40 glorious years to Matka business, my mom too was getting old and now unable to steal cleanly from neighbors’ houses as she used to do earlier during tea parties. Once she was politely asked to give back Mrs. Sharma’s iPad that she was trying to steal hiding in her sari, which was the moment I decided I needed to step up and be counted.”

He kept looking for right opportunity and that came unexpectedly one day when during regular hafta meeting, inspector Kaluram suggested him to move to Mumbai, the city of dreams for budding con artistes like him.

“Kaluram ji was like my Godfather, always guiding youngsters like me,” recalls Munna, “He told me that I had talent, my family background was inspiring and my resume was perfect for an up and coming bhai business in Mumbai.”

Road ahead was not easy for Munna when he reached Mumbai, no gangster was willing to give him appointment  as he had no work experience in Mumbai  and Munna was getting heart broken.  He slept many nights outside the gangsters’ offices and many times was ridiculed for his name Munna by all and sundry local dadas.

Chhota Munna during his struggle days.
Chhota Munna during his struggle days.

After lots of difficulty one day he managed to reach don Barood Bhai’s office without appointment and pleaded his case. Barood Bhai had one look into his resume under his famous goggles and he simply torn it in his face, he was mercilessly thrown out of his office and asked never to come back without right kind of experience.

“I had to do something else my career was over,” said Munna. “I knew it was now or never, so one night I climbed 40 floors to reach Barood Bhai’s apartment, I stole his goggles, left a note to him that said ‘does this count as an experience?'”

He got an immediate call from Barood Bhai’s right hand Cheeku Mhatre the following morning. Barood Bhai was very impressed with his artwork and he immediately was hired as a young talent in his B Company, he also asked him to change his name to Chhota Munna for added effects.

“That did wonders to me and I have never looked back since then. Now I manage the pickpocketing department in B Company with an exciting career ahead, I organize workshops for young and upcoming talents to teach them efficient way of cutting pockets and proud to say my boys now display their expert artistry in Mumbai locals,” Munna said beaming with pride.

“I also manage the 24/7 business support department,” Munna added, “We recently hired 20 young tele dons who are being trained for voice and language skills to scare the businessmen with minimal efforts.”

“Don’t ever give up on your dreams,” Munna said when asked if he had any message for young generation today, “I had dreams and I made it and now it’s your turn.”

Munna also requested ordinary public to continue dreaming, especially in public places like buses and trains while traveling and added, “While your dreams help you reach you destination faster, it helps my boys also to do a job efficiently, it’s a win win situation for the growth of society.”

Famous director Shyam Gopal Sharma is now writing a script on Munna Bhai for his new film. He also has a contract with Ketan Bhagat for writing a biography on him.

“You dream it, you do it,” was the parting message of Munna bhai before he ran for his next hideout as police was approaching.