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Inspired by the phenomenal success of Modi's "Man Ki Baat", Shakti Kapoor to launch "Tan Ki Baat"

02, Aug 2017 By kushalkamal

Prime Minister Modi has been having chapters of Man Ki Baat regularly with the people of India. It has been rather well received by the public and has become a phenomenal success. Looking at this, Bollywood Veteran Shakti Kapoor plans to launch “Tan Ki Baat”

Shakti Kapoor's photo will appear like this on the program
Shakti Kapoor’s photo will appear like this on the program

In an exclusive interview with our channel, Shakti said the following, “AAooo! Man ki baat is becoming a success story. But, in this country there is a lot happening because there is no channel for Tan Ki Baat, I want to give a platform to people to come out and talk to us about their desires. I will definitely talk about my desires and would encourage some of the great actors in the country to talk about it as well.”

He later added, “Country has started accepting talented people like Sunny Leone, it means the people are ready to listen to such talks.”

He also added, that he has approached Salman Khan and Sunny Leone to be the guests on the show for the first episode. Later jokingly he said, “I requested Salman to not drive the car himself, and get a driver when he come for the show, Aaooo!”

When we contacted Shakti Sir and he told us that he would come down to our office. We set a time for 1PM, Shakti reached the office at 1, but we could not talk to him since we were in a meeting. He stayed back till 2PM, it was really sweet of him.

Clarifying on our allegations of him being a sweet person,  he said that it was not because he is sweet but because he did not have any other work.

Clearly with no work around, Shakti Bhai is going to take this project pretty seriously.

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Kushal Kamal