Friday, 27th April, 2018

Inspired from Salman’s hit and run case progress, Dawood Ibrahim expressed willingness to return to India

11, May 2015 By Gaurav Mittal

After 13 years Salman Khan was finally convicted in hit and run case but was released in less than 130 minutes on bail and after just 2 days the sentence was suspended too. This has not only given hope to struggling guys such as singer Abhijeet to get some work in Bollywood but has also come as a new ray of hope for international criminals such as Dawood Ibrahim.

As per our well placed sources in home ministry, it seems Dawood Ibrahim has expressed his willingness to return to India if given a fair trial like Salman Khan. He has sent a letter to home minister alongwith a list of charitable work he has been doing in Pakistan ever since he fled India.

“Sallu Bhai, Sanju Bhai. I am coming.”

Dawood has written, “I regret my decision of fleeing India. I should have shown more faith in the judiciary and system here. I could have easily enjoy the comforts of life while the trial would have gone on and on. I could have easily lived without getting into jail and even if I would have gone to jail, I could have gone for shopping to Dubai on Parole after taking advice from Sanju Baba. My case is also a hit and run case as after hitting Mumbai with bombs I ran away and it should be treated just like Salman’s hit and run case”.

Dawood further wrote, “It was a bad decision to leave India but now I have realized my mistake. After watching the support for Salman Khan I feel inspired to come back to India and by committing the mistake of leaving India I am just being human. After coming back, I should be given a fair trial which should begin with a session court. I intend to stay in Mumbai so that I can be in touch of my friends in Bollywood”.

It has come as a lucky surprise for Indian government who has recently said it is clueless about whereabouts of Daowood. The government is all set to get Daowood back under ‘Ghar Wapasi’ scheme while media is waiting anxiously for the big moment.