Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Inspired from Game of Thrones, Supreme Court introduces the Right to Trial by Combat

12, Jun 2014 By dexter

In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court for the first time introduced the Trial by Combat option to all the citizens charged with different crimes.

By definition the Right to Trial by Combat is a right to settle accusations in which two parties in dispute fight in single combat; the winner of the fight is proclaimed to be right.

Trial by combat.

The apex court declared the right to trial by combat as the fundamental right of all accused citizens in an official statement and with this there is a wave of joy in both the houses of parliament.

A bench headed by Chief Justice said that this will expedite the closing of pending criminal cases and will bring justice in no time. They are also considering to scrap the fast track courts and replace them with fast track combats.

In an interview with Faking News, Rahul Gandhi said that this will help in women’s empowerment and help strengthen the RTI (and kept on repeating the same).

Sources say in near future all government projects will be allotted to contractors using this method alone.