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Inspired from AP partition, 'Mechanical engineers' demand separate IITs

31, Jul 2013 By Valay

Just yesterday, we added another state in India. Inspired from this, Mechanical Engineers of IITs have started a campaign in which they are demanding separate IITs for Mechanical Engineering. This news has flooded the news channels.

Mechanical engineering students from IIT Bombay started this campaign, in the first place. They came on the road with banners and started shouting ‘Hamaari maangey puri karo, nayi IIT khadi karo’, as per the faking news.

Departmentalism, a new headache for IITs.
Departmentalism, a new headache for IITs.

When news channels went to confirm the news, demanded one of the IIT-B Mechanical engineering student, “We are just asking for another IIT, that’s it. When you can give them separate state then this is just a matter of separate college. We will fight till the end.”

“We need II(M)T – Indian Institute of Mechanical Technology. That will give us the wide platform to interact.”, said one of the IIT-D Mechanical Engineer alumnus.

This news has flooded the Facebook and WhatsApp. People have started making trolls on this news too. Even Arnab Goswami is speechless about this issue, and nation wants to know, “Will government approve separate IITs for mechanical engineering?”