Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Inspired by Westjet airlines incredible Christmas stunt on passengers, Mallya attempts similar stunt, employees run away with gifts

15, Dec 2013 By raghaone

After the successful ad campaign launched by the Westjet airlines who gave away gifts to passengers, Vijay Mallya  tried a similar act in India.

Everything was set, including placing cameras  everywhere  to capture  passenger’s expressions and all that. However, with the sudden news of employees running away with the gifts, the entire event turned out to be a flop show.

Somehow, we were able to get in touch with those employees and here is what they said, “Wow, I am so happy. After working for 1 year without any salary, Finally I learnt how to make a good bonus from this airlines. I could successfully steal this 53 inch LED TV. My wife is going to be very happy. You won’t believe this, another pilot ran away with the House documents of Vijay Mallya though it was not put under the ad campaign”

Another Air hostess who works for his airlines narrated, “This is such a wonderful idea. I didn’t have enough money to buy makeup for the whole year. So, I stole 3 huge boxes of Make up which I can start using from now on. I can put makeup and start applying for new jobs as air hostess in other organizations,” she added with a smile on her face.

The Wingman said, “I was not aware of the plan and the ad. I always sit here on the run away and never had an opportunity to see that video on youtube. I saw employees running away with gifts. By the time I reached, there were no gifts left, So I took the gifts that passengers were carrying and ran away. I am not sure how my boss is going to face the passengers, But this huge box of Wine which I stole from one of those passengers will make me happy for Christmas.”