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Inspired by the radical feminism's outlook, free men launched 'Ultimate liberation campaign'

23, May 2016 By dhilip

Idolizing the radical feminism’s voice towards some of their agendas, a group of like minded men came up with a campaign that helps human being as a whole to explore FREEDOM at its highest degree. The organizers and volunteers gathered at the Millennial square on Sunday and voiced to expand the ‘my choice’ boundaries that everyone indulge at. The coordinator of the event who wore nothing but tightly wrapped duct tape around his ‘essentials’ came out of the noisy crowd and addressed the media as follow.

“Even at 21st century, people are too much suppressed not to do a lot of things they desire, just because people are around. That is just terrible. The successful staging of ‘my body, my freedom and so its none of your business’ by our fellow community gave us the much needed boost to push ourselves to fight for the suppressed society to know their other never exercised rights. And today we are making history”.

Feminism sucks and stinks!
Feminism sucks and stinks!

He added “Novelty always attracts criticism. We should step out of our ugly cultural zone and should strongly believe and execute our choices. We advocate that the men need not to be ashamed if he gets visible erection at public by watching porn or fantasizing his wife. As long as he is not staring anybody around, it is completely fine as our movement respects other’s conscience. Also pondering over the fact that people spend almost half of their time a day with the public and out of his/her home which literally makes them loose half of their sex life, which is not good for humanity. So everyone are encouraged to have mutual sex if required at public provided they are covered under blanket. We are exhibiting other liberating agendas and invite people for the successful smooth transmission into a shackle-free future”. He paused and put his hand behind and started scratching something. Grossed by the shifting of attention by the media group individuals, he accused, “This is what people is all about, they cannot stop invading into other’s personal space”.

On control measures, he stated, “The protester and non believers of our ideology should be educated on how to behave around these free souls. The public should avoid behaving weird, shrugging away or staring uncomfortably at us, or they would risk themselves being called jerks. Also we are in talks with Government to revise the harassment law accordingly against the sick public”, and he concluded, “Out of million issues around the world, right to freedom is our foremost priority and we understood it in all perspective. We fight for the humanity altogether and thus we insist the people below poverty line should also understand that our crusade is way more important than the fight for food, water and other survival needs. We expect them to positively join hand with us and enjoy the fruitful outcomes”.