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Inspired by Kejriwal's letter, engineering student sends his conditions to the university for appearing in majors

19, Dec 2013 By Alok Sharma

New Delhi. The political deadlock in Delhi concerning the formation of government and Kejriwal’s letter to both Congress and BJP is closely monitored by the media and the public alike.

Inspiring many.
Inspiring many.

Inspired by his letter, a final year Mechanical Engineering student, Rahul Vadra has sent a letter to the Chancellor of the Champ University in which he mentions 18 conditions and asks for them to be agreed upon else he won’t sit in the majors due next month.

A copy of the letter is with the Faking News and which is uploaded for the general public to see. The gist has been published below…

Dear Chancellor,

Champ University.

You recently released the date-sheet for the majors and offered me unconditionally to appear for the exams, but I didn’t ask for the exams to be scheduled, did I??

I will appear for the said exams only if you would kindly clarify your stand regarding the following issues and the conditions I would like being addressed.

1. Internal marks must be increased

Why did you give me 5 marks out of 25 and then expect me to study hard and then appear for the exams hoping to pass, which we all know won’t happen in this lifetime? I need at least 22 marks in all subjects.

2. 50 marks to start with

I need assurance that I will get 50 marks upfront (which are the passing marks incidentally) in all papers, no questions asked.

3.  Exam center in my own college

It wastes a lot of time and money roaming all over the capital to reach the allotted center on time. To save the trouble, I want all my exams to be scheduled in my own college and all my friends too especially the students before and after my roll no.

4.  Female invigilators

I would like to have female invigilators during all the exams. Aankhein taras gayi hain.

5. Results to be sent to my hostel room

The results must be sent to my hostel room (details have been emailed separately) instead of being uploaded on the university website where my parents can see and compare it with my peers.

6. My seating arrangements to be decided by me

Since these are supposed to be MY examinations affecting ME solely, it must be my convenience to be taken into account. Hence I will look after the seating arrangements myself.

7. 3 days break between each paper

This is the least I expect from the university. The past three years have been hectic and I would like it to change this time around. There should be a minimum of 3 days of break between two successive exams excluding the public holidays.

8.  Clear the current backlogs

I have 7 backlogs and they must be taken care of before the exams. In addition, there should not be any backlog in this or the next semester as well.

Eagerly awaiting your reply,

Rahul Vadra.

The rest of the conditions have been hidden due to security concerns on the request of the university.

After this unprecedented event, the university Chancellor has called for a meeting where all the conditions will be discussed to ensure no repercussions follow. He has also applauded the guts of the student and assured that he will look into the matter.

“See, this is a very high-profile and sensitive case. All Vadras bite in the ass, we have seen that already. This issue needs to be handled with maturity and I can assure you, it will be.” the chancellor added.

Rahul Vadra was unavailable for comments. However, he has called a press conference tomorrow.