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Inspired by Infosys, Kalmadi and Raja offer Rs. 34,000 to settle all charges

01, Nov 2013 By thepelicanclub

Inspired by recent Infosys settlement with US authorities where the company will pay $34 million to settle all visa irregularity related charges, Suresh Kalmadi and A Raja have offered Rs. 34,000 to settle all the “corruption allegations” .

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While the CBI and other law enforcement agencies have a sleuth of charges against the two gentlemen, both Mr. Raja and Mr. Kalmadi have claimed that the allegations were malevolent and were caused by some “paper work errors” related to spectrum allocation and commonwealth games. Such “paper work errors” were already being corrected before investigations. There was no evidence that such “errors” caused undue favors to any party.

The duo issued the following statement:

“We deny and disputes any claims of systemic fraud, misuse of ministerial powers to provide any undue advantage to any firm, or any abuse. Those claims are untrue and are assertions that remain unproven.”

The duo struck a defiant stance while offering to pay the fine (a first in Indian legal history) and steadfastly denied any claims of corruption and stated that the “magnanimous” offer of  settlement for 34,000 Rs,  would simply remove “the uncertainty of prolonged litigation” – a difficulty explained in detail by Hon. Sunny Deol in a thought provoking illustration.

In a related development, Congress spin doctors and sections of the media are trying to derive how this settlement is a blow to Modi.