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Inspired by east-Ukraine and Crimea, Bangalore techies demand a separate internet nation

14, Jul 2014 By vargv

Bangalore: What seems to have been inspired by recent developments in Ukraine, the IT-hub of India has taken upon itself to be free from slow internet speed.

The issue gathered attention when a techie who missed the finale of the hit series – Game of Thrones due to extremely slow net speed, came across all the spoilers discussed in his Whatsapp group. Similar events were noted in other parts of the IT park where broadband speed dipped and many football fans missed streaming the World Cup matches.

“This isn’t something new. Enough is enough!  We don’t have girlfriends to spend our time; watching serials, football and funny YouTube videos  is our only medicine after hectic coding and testing,” said Atul, a recent BE passout.

A separate, dedicated, low cost, high speed, uninterrupted internet nation is what the techies demanding. This, however, doesn’t seem to be possible as per our sources in the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) whose representative was heard quoting, “Not now, we have just made IRCTC site better; we can’t afford to divert the net speed for some useless saas-bahu serials, watch it on the TV instead.” This added fuel to the fire.

The ethnic mix of this IT hub involves BE, BSc, ME, MS, MSc graduates in Computer science, IT and even some from branches like mechanical, civil and electronics engineering which have no affiliation to the technical filed, and also no jobs in their respective fields due to the slow economy. This techie population also involves migrant engineers from  Pune and Mumbai city who don’t have as many IT jobs in their own cities. One techie who was frustrated and was found abusing the chai wala outside his office due to the incremented cigarette prices had this to say “We are the IT sector of this country, it wouldn’t survive without us and after all that we have done, is this what we get? We don’t want to be a part of them; we don’t even speak the same language; codes and binary is our mothertounge.”

The protests gained momentum as several government sites were hacked by our nerds. “We dropped an internet bomb on them; we set out our Trojans, spywares and malwares on them. They don’t even (literally) know what hit them,” said a fat dude with glasses, sipping his coke and eating his burger in his mother’s house and goes by the alias “Warlock”. The leaders of this protest including top bosses from Inforces and Weep-ro weren’t available for comment. They were busy firing CEOs and training their new army, our correspondents from Mysore told us.

What will this situation escalate into is anybody’s guess. The government has threatened to put sanctions and cut of the electricity in that area without which their gadgets will be useless. “I just bought a new 19 inch screen as the prices went down following the government budget, what am I supposed to do with it now?” Sudhir a BPO employee told us.

Big businesses are worried and are contemplating diversion of their business to other parts of the world. China seems to be a viable option and has also started laying down new optical fiber lines and setting up new servers across the border.