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Inspired by army's Myanmar mission, RaGa launches commando raid on toy store, rescues Chota Bhim

13, Jun 2015 By psych0bar0n

New Delhi : In a daring midnight mission, elite commando Rahu Gandhi, known by his top secret code name RaGa, raided a toy store in neighboring country of Sarojini Nagar, neutralized the enemy troops and escorted Chota Bhim to safety.

Although details are still not known, our sources say that the confidential mission was planned soon after his Chota Bhim toy went missing while he was  playing ‘ghar-ghar’ with his friends Kallua and Dhaniya of Pillanji village.

Chhota Bheem or Chota Bhim, after being rescued
Chhota Bheem or Chota Bhim, after being rescued

Faking News brings you a blow by blow account of the sensational mission:

The surgical strike started at 12 midnight when RaGa armed with Leo Toys plastic machine gun and a 12 gauge automatic diwali pataka gun, proceeded towards his target on his bullet proof Atlas Goldline cycle. Within 3 hours, he had covered the 3 km distance to the target site where Chota Bhim was being held hostage – Banarsi Khilona Bhandar.

Working in close coordination with Sarojini Nagar station head constable Mewa Chand, RaGa crept across the Sarojini Nagar border on his stomach. Within minutes, RaGa had neutralised the peripheral threat by giving Maggi to the barking stray dogs. However some of the educated stray dogs refused to eat Maggi so RaGa used his ultimate deception weapon on them : he played the latest tracks of Himesh Brayshamiya’s songs and suddenly all the remaining canines went chasing after the howling sound.

Now came the most dangerous part and RaGa played a brilliant tactical move here by bribing the main enemy commander, night-watchman Bahadur, by lobbing a bottle of country liquor at him.

Grabbing the coveted Chota Bhim toy from the locker, RaGa dived towards the shop exit  and made a dash for it. He lingered for a moment to empower Barbie doll and was almost apprehended by an inebriated Bahadur, but he somehow escaped.  RaGa then stylishly crawled under the barbed wire fence even though the gates were open. He commando-crawled all the way via the INA Market metro tunnel and marched triumphantly to his base camp, 10 Ganpath.

The entire world applauded his daring mission and showered accolades on him. A humble RaGa said he would next like to empower Batman and Iron-Man toys being held captive in DC Comic stores. Digggy raja applauded commando RaGa for the daring operation saying now other enemies namely Leo toys, Tobu cycle stores and Hot wheels showroom are in RaGa’s radar.  Some congress leaders even demanded that RaGa be given the Dada Saheb Phadke award for his bravery. However VHP leader Bhagwa Jhandu demanded that Barbie also be rescued and Ghar Wapisi be done for her.

Delhi CM Rewind Kejriwal  blamed the episode on Delhi police’s inefficiency, did his customary dharna and submitted a memorandum to the President which was later discovered to be a fake.