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Inspired by AAP's debut win, software engineer starts his own management team, gets sacked

10, Dec 2013 By raghaone

After the news of Aam Aadmi party winning their debut elections, Govind Paintmywall, who works as a software engineer, decided to start his own management team as he was unhappy with the existing top management.

Don't you dare do that again.
Don’t you dare do that again.

When asked about his ideas, he said, “Hey, I am Govind Paintmywall, I’ve been working as a software engineer since 7 years in this company. I was always unhappy by the way this higher management treated the old employees. The IIT freshers are given huge pay packages, we lost onsite opportunities, hikes were reduced by 10%, more projects were being assigned to us. We asked top management to look into it and make our lives simple.”

“However, we did not receive any positive feedback from them. So we decided to start a new management led by me and 2-3 software engineers. We all worked as a team and took our own decisions. We decided to work from home, slept at our desks and even spent most of the time watching Cricket matches in the cafeteria. We encouraged employees to follow the same, but always maintained work etiquettes by showing our faces once in a while in front of the computers. However our dreams got shattered when the management asked me to leave. They found that my party had a Wall but no Base. I feel sad on taking this decision,” he added further.

I even heard a director saying, “Don’t underestimate the power of higher management”