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Inmates at Tihar Jail To Go On a Six-month Penance on Himalayas

23, Nov 2013 By shanti

In an incident unprecedented in the country, inmates at Tihar Jail have declared that their punishment and jail term are illegal and unconstitutional.

They have declared that they have the right to decide their own punishment, and would like to go on a six-month penance on Himalayas to atone for their crimes.

They say that their stay in Tihar Jail, though comfortable, has resulted in huge losses to their business. Also, the strict behavior norms in the jail are suffocating and are causing them severe health issues, such as hyper tension.

It might also cause them to lose their mental balance. They say that they would like to get back to their normal life style as soon as possible. Several activists have supported their noble demand.

Faking News contacted leading activist group Tehelka for their views on this, but they refused to comment.