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Infosys fresher feels embarrassed in production, demands a sent back to Mysore training

09, Jun 2014 By manojsharma

Infosys Reuters

In a surprise turn of events, Ravish, a fresher in IT Production world has demanded a sent back to Mysore training.

“Enough is enough! I am fed up of all this nonsense. Now I realize Mysore days were best in terms of everything,” said a visibly frustrated Ravish.

Remembering good old days.

According to Ravish, problem started when he was sharing desktop screen to his team lead to give KT. Though just 20 days old in production world, he explained things lucidly to his senior who was part of the project for almost last one year. Everything was going fine till a message popped up on his screen.

Sale g**du, bahut busy hai..”

Unaware of how to react, he closed the popup from Microsoft Lync and said sorry to TL. As he started explaining remaining things, Lync popped up a message again.

Abe ch***ye, project mila?..

Furious, he logged out from Lync to avoid further embarrassment. As he did that, screen-sharing also dropped. He was very annoyed with this whole episode. Out of fear of damage to image, he typed a mail to team lead expressing his regret. Lead replied back suggesting putting Lync on “Do not disturb” mode while screen sharing.

Taking cognizance of Lead’s advice he did the same in next morning meeting. Everything went fine. He happily closed the screen sharing only to find a joining request and a sarcastic mail from manager expressing his angst for not being able to join the screen sharing even when he wanted.

Puzzled and cursing his misfortune, he decided to fall back to earlier approach with being extra careful. He also shot a mail to his colleagues requesting them not to ping him when his status looked busy.

Next morning he had to give a project demo to senior managers. Though fearing the unexpected, he started confidently. After an hour and half of explanation he looked satisfied as voices of managers seemed content.”It is very tough task to put across your point clearly in these dickheads’ minds,” he said to himself and smiled sheepishly.

And Happened the unexpected. Lync popped up a message- “Ch***ye bada hero ho rha tu…

Filled with disgust and anger, he screamed, “Fuck off you bastard!!!”. An eerie silence followed. It had ruined a very efficiently delivered presentation, he realized the very next moment.

Unable to control his emotions and embarrassment, he burst into tears. That is when he decided to write a mail to Human Recourse Department demanding a sent back to Mysore training or enabling of block feature in Lync. At least this disastrous Lync wasn’t active there, he reasoned.

Sympathetic to his story, HRD is learned to had called a meeting to discuss upon the demands. They concluded that sent back to Mysore is not possible due to recently taken cost cutting measures while they feared that enabling of block feature will see managers residing in that list regularly. As usual without giving a solution, they have rejected both of his demands.