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Infosys Employee works for 9.15 hours one day, loses job

14, Dec 2013 By slimshady

Chandigarh. In a bizarre turn of events here at Infosys-Chandigarh DC,an employee was fired for working 9.15 hours in a single day.Although the minimum working hours for an employee each day is 9.15 hours,it is expected not to be taken seriously by the well-educated elite engineers.

Shattered after being thrown out of company.
Shattered after being thrown out of company.

Initial reports confirm that the particular employee named Ashutosh Chokraborty,was indeed a newbie. Though he had spent six months on the job, he was still alien to workplace ethics. On the fateful day of 11-12-2013, he came office at 9:00 a.m. sharp and did not leave his desk till 6:15 p.m.In the process, he completed the development of the project that was running on for five years and was expected to continue till two more years atleast . After coming across this development, his manager became so angry that he held him by the collar and dragged him to the HR.He was immediately fired.

We tried to talk to the manager and got this angry reaction-“We never expected this kind of behaviour from that bloke.He seemed quite a decent one. This was totally irresponsible. Does he have any idea how much damage he has done to the revenues of Infosys? By a single act, He has put mine and his colleagues’ future in danger. What more, that jerk even informed the client about the same. Now they won’t believe our theories of extending deadline due to complexity of the project. At best, we can introduce some mighty errors in the project so that go-live of the project crashes and we can get more time in support and maintenance.”

We also contacted a project colleague of his.Here is what she had to say on the matter-“He was always hard working but what he did was completely foolish.I mean what was he thinking?Every child knows that we don’t have to really work 9.15 hours.For example,I spend 6 hours in Food Court and 2 hours in ECC(Gym/swimming/badminton).Man,I can spend my 9.15 hours just reading emails.You just need to know how to manage your time efficiently,that’s all.What a poor fellow!!”

Meanwhile,according to unconfirmed reports,other leading Indian It companies like HCL, Accenture have also strictly warned their hiring unit to refrain from entertaining that employee’s resume.