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Infosys creates a software which automatically gives credit to Narendra Modi for any positive event

18, Jul 2014 By Sanjay Mohta

Acche Din 1.0

Bangalore : At a press conference called by it’s new CEO Mr. Vishal Sikka, Infosys today announced the release of a new software product called ‘Acche Din 1.0’ which can create a logical trail behind any positive event in such a way that the final credit goes to Mr. Narendra Modi.

In a hugely successful display of the software Mr. Sikka established beyond a doubt that things like Germany’s world cup win, Sensex’s bull run, Adnan Sami’s weight loss, Katrina Kaif’s sex appeal and this software itself are all byproducts of Mr. Modi’s vision, hard work and the Gujarat development model.

When Journalists asked Mr. Sikka on the falling share price and the poor state of affairs that the company is in currently, Mr. Sikka proudly said that after the launch of this product ‘Acche Din Aane Waale hai’.

It is also rumoured that 44 MPs of a relatively unknown party called Congress have awarded a contract to Infosys to work on an anti-software of this which redirects credit of all negative events to Narendra Modi. It is expected that the company has already started work on a beta version of this anti-software called ‘Bure Din’ and the first few events that are being tested for conclusive proof of Modi’s failure are Loss of MH370 airplane, Rahul Gandhi’s low IQ and KRK’s nonsense.

In an unrelated but interesting development a startup formed by a few frusturated engineers has announced release of another software called ‘Acchi Raatein’ with Sunny Leone as the brand ambassador for the same. Our special correspondent has secured a copy of this software and has already applied for a 3 nights leave to understand and study all it’s features.