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Inflation hits Congress - RS seat to cost 100 crores

30, Jul 2013 By IndiaAnalyst

New Delhi: Inflation has finally hit unsuspecting politicians from Congress. Congress member recently claimed that he cannot even dream of an Rajya Sabha seat as the price has gone up to 100 crores.

He said, “How can a humble minister like me cough up such a huge amount. I could conduct only 1000 crore scams in short period before i was left jobless in the cabinet reshuffle. I had to share this booty among ten members including party president and other fellow MPs leaving me with 100 crores. 5 crores I had to give to CBI sleuth for burning evidence with coal obtained from coal scam. I shall have to shell out 5 crores from my pocket to obtain RS seat next election. “

Going further he said, “I won last election just by bribing poor with a simple one time meal. Rather I would spend 3 crores in election in my poor constituency and win a seat in Lok Sabha. I request media people to be responsible and please do not inform Election Commission about this claim of spending money. I am doomed ! I fear people will take money and still vote for BJP this time. Modi has promised development to people instead of one time meal. Modi has a literally killed livelihood of poor politicians like us. I fear even my wives and children (legal and illegal) would vote against me after my scandal video clip with a poor lawyer lady who I was helping became popular on YouTube. I already told PM to do something about these finances. Finally I am happy as I am told on account of Food Security Bill would bring 1000 crores per Congress MP in our corporate (Congress) salary account in Swiss and Italian banks. I hope to present my wife with private Yacht if this ordinance is accepted by all parties.”