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Indrani Mukherjea: The world responds

02, Sep 2015 By vicpune

The gruesome tale of Mother and Murder is gripping the whole of India. Before we move on to what the world has said here are some reports from within India.

Reports are flying around that a junior employee of a reputed Multi-National Company headquartered in India has been promoted to Vice President of Solutions for drawing and explaining the exact family tree of Indrani, actually the relationship tree as she no longer has a family.

While there are election bells in some states, one of the states has decided to include the “Case History” in the syllabus, however the heated debate is on whether it should be included in the English syllabus because of the word “Case” which closely resembles “Upper Case and Lower Case” or in the History Syllabus because the word “History” is closely related to the word “History”.

Meanwhile the Minister in Chief of the Gaseous State Mr. Fake-ri-wal has claimed that there seems to be a Paki hand in this, however the Affairs ministry has strongly denied this stating that Indrani was never interested in “hands”, unless they had loads of money on them.

Mumbai police meanwhile are seeking a Senior Programmer, with expertise in Big Data and Hadoop, so that they can come up with exact analytical information and make sense of the ever more confusing data points revealed by various participants.

Meanwhile the World has Strongly reacted to the confusion.

US Ex President Mr. Clinton reportedly tweeted “I am glad I didn’t hire her as the intern else I would have had my Future BITTEN off”

Charlie Sheen has allegedly regretted his NON-involvement with Indrani, saying, “Shit, I missed the opportunity of being part of her HAREM”

Hugh Hefner has offered her to be on the cover of PlayMEN for the next 6 months he she can provide a detailed resume with exact joining and resignation/retardation date of all her MEN (if restricted to men only or could include women) including any overlapping tenures. The list needs to be in exact chronological order with no spelling mistakes.

Meanwhile there has been a fight ensued between Bilawal and Heena, reason being, Bilawal has refused to take any drinks from Heena suspecting she might spike it and Heena is angry over Bilawal’s remarks saying “Wow! She is beautiful!”. Sources could not determine whether he meant, Indrani, Heena or their maid. The reporter really could not confirm why and what lead to the confusion. All he could say was “Confusion to hai!”

On another note, Mr. Avghad YoSwami is setting up another NewsHours on TimesTHEN. Stay tuned!